Raw Mango & Chilli Chutney

Come summer, come raw mangoes! It’s the season of raw mango chutneys and aam-panna (raw mango & mint cooler). Although I haven’t got around to making the latter this season, I did make my favourite raw mango chutney the other day. It’s oh so easy and perfectly sour&chilly! It goes nicely with crackers/ crisps, as an unconventional dipping chutney for other fried snacks, spread in a sandwich and my favourite – simply on the side with roti, vegetables and dal. Like an achaar/ pickle!

It’s a no-cook-5-minutes-to-prep and is my go-to chutney in the summer!

Here’s what I used, for little more than 1 cup of chutney:

4 raw green mangoes – about 500 gms
3 whole dried red chillies
2 tbsp sugar
3/4 tsp  salt (Oh I forgot to use kala namak/ rock salt – but if you have it on hand use it. It tastes a whole world better)
1/4 tsp roasted, ground jeera/cumin seeds

I weighed and washed the mangoes. And admired them!

Peeled them…

And cut them into 10-12 pieces each, discarding the stone/ seed… I cut them directly into the processor…

Broke and added the red chilies…

The sugar…

The salt…

The jeera…

And processed until almost smooth! I like it slightly coarse but it works with any consistency…

If this doesn’t impress you, it’s important to taste it with a chip!!

That was by far the most important step!! Drool, burn your tongue and check for salt!! Adjust if needed, and serve! Stays well refrigerated for about 1-2 weeks.


  1.  The quantity of sugar is based on the chilly. If you are reducing/ increasing the spice, modify the sugar accordingly.
  2. Another variation of this chutney is by replacing the red chillies with fresh green chillies and adding about 2 cups of fresh mint leaves! Many people add raw mango to their mint chutneys but I like the reverse a lot too – mint in mango chutney! It adds a bit of cool freshness along with the heat (spice)!
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    Ooooooo i got a virtual tangy spicy taste right away !!!

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      Haha that’s a great first reaction!

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    MMmm yyummy for the tummy!

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    I’ve been on a semi-bloggy break and what do i come back to………….I’m trying this recipe this week for sure. Almost like eating the raw mango strips with red chilli powder at the beach.

    • http://food-dee-dum.com Food-Dee-Dum

      Glad I could provide a warm & fuzzy welcome (back)!! I’ve actually never had the mango strips with chilly but I’m sensing that I have been missing out!!

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