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Arjun Kartha | Award Winning Wedding Photographer, always chasing props for a fun photo!

Mr. FDD a.k.a Arjun Kartha is, in fact, a professional photographer based in New Delhi. He started his photographic journey during an initial career in advertising, where he worked on various shoots which sparked his latent interest in making pictures. Now with over a decade of experience in photography, his main interests lie in nature, portraits and people photography — he also shoots various subjects that inspire him.

Arjun is also a wedding specialist, and believes in capturing moments and memories of the happy day that last a lifetime.

Explore his food and hospitality photos on his website here and his wedding photography here. Feel free to contact him for assignment based queries at a(at)arjunkarthaphotography(dot)com

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Hi! I’m Praerna Kartha – a food blogger, photographer and stylist based in New Delhi, India. Food-Dee-Dum is a recipe journal, filled with my experiments in the kitchen and other musings about food.

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