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I try and respond to all comments on the blog as often and as quickly as I can. But since this isn’t my full time job, I hope you’ll forgive the occasional delay.

If you wish to get in touch more directly – to share recipes, food stories, photos, to request for any of my content, discuss a venture or even just to say hello – then please do drop me a line at pk(at)food-dee-dum(dot)com. I would love to hear from you!

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  • Puneet Rakheja

    Love the blog. Would love to try the food! Didnt know of this side of you. Puneet

    • http://food-dee-dum.com Food-Dee-Dum

      Thanks bhaiya! Glad you like it.

      Maybe we should have the pending “discussion” at our place so I can cook for y’all :)

  • http://egeedee.wordpress.com egeedee

    Your photos are so beautiful. Made me gasp.

    • http://food-dee-dum.com Food-Dee-Dum

      Thank you!

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About Me

Hi! I’m Praerna Kartha – a food blogger, photographer and stylist based in New Delhi, India. Food-Dee-Dum is a recipe journal, filled with my experiments in the kitchen and other musings about food.

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