Hi! I’m Praerna Kartha – a food blogger, photographer and stylist based in New Delhi, India. Food-Dee-Dum is a recipe journal, filled with my experiments in the kitchen and other musings about food.

About the Blog

Food-Dee-Dum was started in June 2011, as an attempt to document my experiments in the home-kitchen. It is not restricted to any one type of cuisine or food, but my personal favourites veer towards baked desserts and confectionary. On the blog, you will find a mix of Indian & Western food, from appetisers and salads all the way to dessert and everything in between. From traditional or family recipes to others adapted from cookbooks, magazines or other blogs. The contents can’t be classified but I can guarantee that they involve experiments and adventure!

Almost every recipe is accompanied with step-by-step photos to make each of them very easy to follow.

Occasionally, I also blog about food tasted outside my kitchen – street food, or food during road-trips and other travel or even that which is served at food related events that I may attend. But everything expressed on the blog is original writing and expresses my opinion and perspective, unless clearly stated otherwise.

About Me

I am a food enthusiast and home cook. I am not a trained chef but I was introduced to the wonderful world of baking at the tender age of 9, when my cousin Maneesha allowed me to bake a cake in her kitchen with just a tiny bit of supervision. From then on, there was no looking back.

I was in love. I spent ALL my free time (and even that which I should have been using to study) in the kitchen. I spent the rest of my time hiding the fact that I had used up all the butter and flour, again, from my mom!

Having given up a 7-year-long career in advertising, I now hold 2 day jobs – that of a wedding photographer and of a food stylist. In my free time, I cook and bake for fun, troll food blogs, collect cookbooks and hoard food-and-home magazines, have endless recipe exchange conversations and pride myself on being a good hostess.

My recipes and posts reflect just that – the culinary escapades of a food enthusiast. No lofty claims and no drama. A simple journal of what’s cooking in my home kitchen. And maybe some stories about my home, family and travels.

Watch this space for new recipes, food talk and other delicious fun. Happy reading and even happier cooking!

Get in touch for food photography, food styling or just to chat at pk (at) food-dee-dum (dot) com or follow me on Facebook, TwitterGoogle, Pinterest or Instagram

Note: Great care is taken on FDD to credit other bloggers/ authors when their recipes are used – directly or adapted. The same courtesy is expected from visitors to this space. All the content on this blog is copyrighted to Food-Dee-Dum. If you wish to use anything for your own personal blog, please do link back to the original source on FDD and give due credit. Alternatively, if you would like to license anything for commercial use, please do get in touch at pk (at) food-dee-dum (dot) com

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  • Priya Kasbekar Patil

    Finally got the time to check out your foodie blog Praerna and I simply loved the “about” bit… it’s and even though I have met you only once… it comes across as very “you”!

    Am sure I am going to enjoy going through + trying all the recipes.


    Priya Kasbekar Patil

    • http://fooddeedum.wordpress.com PK

      I’m so glad you like it…!! There’s still stuff I want to do with it but all I manage in my free time is to post new recipes! The other sections tend to take a backseat!!

      Looking forward to seeing you here often!

  • Annie Greenwood

    I enjoy your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award to raise awareness to your blog. Hope you don’t mind! Details here: http://limehousefood.wordpress.com/

    • http://food-dee-dum.com Food-Dee-Dum

      Thank you very much. It was wonderful of you! Now I just need to find 11 blogs with under 200 followers that I can nominate further! I have the “small blog syndrome”, where I usually follow blogs much bigger than mine :)

  • http://somehonestwriting.wordpress.com onehonestwriter

    Landed here from Haathi’s blog and glad i did :). The pics are making me crazy to bake something right away.

    Will be dropping by more often. :)

    • http://food-dee-dum.com Food-Dee-Dum

      Thank you :) I’m so glad you like them. Looking forward to seeing you here more often…

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About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Praerna Kartha – a food blogger, photographer and stylist based in New Delhi, India. Food-Dee-Dum is a recipe journal, filled with my experiments in the kitchen and other musings about food.

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