Stuffed Pizza “Samosas”

calzones-12-of-12A few weeks ago, I had an intense craving for both – Calzones and Cornish Pasties. And I can’t think of a single place in Delhi where I could find a good serving of either. So, predictably, I decided to make a halfway mix of both! This recipe is more Calzone than Pasty but I will try an authentic meat and potato Pasty very soon! 


The beauty of this dish is that you can make it as pizza-ish, sandwich-y or pie-ish as you like, all by tweaking the fillings. You can make it with or without cheese, use a cream/ tomato/ herb based sauce, meats vegetables or any other filling of choice!

I used (for 4):

Pizza Dough (recipe here) – same quantity

Filling Sauce: (Home-made) Pesto for myself and my MIL; (Store-Bought) Pizza Sauce for AK

Other Fillings: Diced carrots, onions, green peppers/ capsicum, sweet corn kernels, potatoes,  bacon, cheddar cheese

I pre-heated the oven to 220 C and divided up the dough into 4 parts, rolling them into balls. Then I rolled each out into a rough circle, spreading and stretching the dough using my hands.

Then I spread on some pesto (which looks a bit clumpy, straight out of the fridge!)

Then I laid out the sliced (or rather, shaved) cheese.

Then the diced veggies…

Then the bacon.

Some more cheese.

Then I carefully folded half the dough over to make a semi-circle.

Pressed and pinched the edges to seal…

If you think it’s easy, looking at these pics, think again! I destroyed 2 before I managed to get a hang of it! Mainly because pizza dough doesn’t lend itself to being manhandled so much! Next time, I would do this with pastry crust (like for Pasties) or flour the dough liberally to make it more manageable!

Anyhow, I laid them out on a greased cookie sheet (yes you can see 1 of the destroyed, shapeless ones. But please try and block it and pretend it doesn’t exist!)

Baked them for about 25 mins, and voila!! Transfer on to a serving plate, halve down the middle and wolf down!! I must warn you that the filling will be piping hot and you WILL burn the roof of your mouth if you’re not careful! Just so you know!