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Amrood Kesar Kulfi / Guava Saffron Kulfi

Traditional Indian Ice Cream with Guavas & Saffron Kulfi has been on my mind a lot over the past few weeks. It’s one of those things that I absolutely love but have never had the guts to try and make for myself. One of the reasons is that I feel it would be sacrilege to even…

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Imli Sonth Chutney / Tamarind Ginger & Jaggery Chutney

“The” chutney for Samosas, Chaat & Dahi Bhalla For the longest time, I didn’t know that the word Sonth meant dried ginger powder. I recently found that out when I visit the Lajpat Bhawan Masala Centre. In fact, to me, Sonth has always meant THIS chutney. That’s what we’ve always called it. So much so that I’ve…

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Fresh Ginger Lemonade

A refreshing summer cooler Citrus & ginger are a bit of a favourite combination of mine. I love the warm, spicy earthiness of ginger and adding some lemon or orange to it just elevates it to the next level. Not to mention the pretty pink colour, which makes more than half the brownie points in my book!…

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Lemony Garlic Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken & Pine Nuts

A light & fresh pasta, perfect for the summer Pasta is one of my first loves. From my mom’s desi macaroni, to heavy sauce-y and cheesy restaurant preparations to my current favourite type – simple, with a few concentrated flavours and a lot of texture. I find that it makes a wholesome, hearty and very…

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Pazhutha Manga Pachadi / Ripe Mango Curry

A Kerala Style Ripe Mango Curry As much as I love my Punjabi khaana, I have a growing appreciation for Kerala style cooking. It usually involves few ingredients, is quick and delicious. I’m no expert – my exposure to South Indian cuisine for most of my life has been through the offerings of Sagar Ratna…

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Fresh Mango & Red Bell Pepper Salsa

Fresh Mango Salsa – a lovely tropical summer accompaniment for nachos, pita crisps or even atop bruschetta I’ve always been intrigued by mango salsa but, for the longest time, never actually tried it. Simply because I did not  come across it. Being a bit unenthusiastic towards buying and eating mangoes in general (yes, I’m that crazy Indian),…

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Around Town: 3 Food Gifts to Buy from Delhi

Great Food Gifts to Carry Home from Delhi I’m a great fan of food gifts – both, home-made and store-bought. I love baking a cake or making a dip to carry to friends’ homes for dinner. Most of my Diwali gifts involve food or baking experiments, packaged in painstakingly procured boxes accompanied by diyas/candles and a…

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Sooji Halwa Cake

A new twist on an old classic I don’t know about you guys, but my family is OD-ing on whatsapp groups. Sometimes I feel (or rather AK feels) that they have taken over my life. There are groups within groups within groups – so much so that I’m always worried about saying the wrong thing to…

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Khatta Meetha Petha

Sweet, sour and spiced yellow pumpkin sabzi Unlike many of my friends and absolutely unlike my darling husband, I have a great love for vegetables. Most people don’t understand what I mean when I say I am a preferred-vegetarian. I think that’s just my warped way of saying that I love my veggies. If I…

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Summery Cucumber & Mint Cooler

Or how to feel cool as a cucumber this summer! All through summer, whenever I browse through my FB news feed, nothing hits me harder than the sheer spectrum of reactions to the season – from here to the other side of the globe. While my brother in Europe and my cousins in the States are…

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Instant Ginger Pickle

Quick & easy summer meal accompaniment This instant ginger pickle had me at hello. Well, to be honest, at it’s pretty pink colour! An intrinsic part of our summer supplies, my mom has always made multiple batches of this every year. In fact, I don’t even know if we can actually call this a pickle….

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Eating Out: New Menu @ Spaghetti Kitchen

Brush up on your Italian with Spaghetti Kitchen’s brand new menu. The new additions go beyond just pizza and pasta, and the flavours are rustic and wholesome. Oh, and we want to give them brownie points for offering many more options than the mandatory-2-wines-by-the-glass on their wine list! So whether you’re in the mood for…

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Eating Out: Burgalicous with Beer

Burgers & Beer at Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon, until 31st May. If you thought that you’ve already tasted the best burger in town, think again! Courtyard by Marriot, Gurgaon has a lineup that may put a few burger joints to shame! What’s more, there’s a chilled beer on offer with every burger you order. If…

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Chilled Spinach & Cucumber Soup

Or how to use up not-crisp-enough-for-salad-veggies in the fridge! It’s definitely that time of the year again. It’s time for me to be predictable and moan about the Delhi heat. About constantly wanting to eat meals which are easy, quick and (preferably) chilled! I was told (more than) once by a friend that drinking iced coffee (or…

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Glass Noodles Cover Image

Glass Noodle Rolls with Asparagus & Avocado

  Or cooking up a storm with Women’s Health and Chef Kunal Kapur A few weeks ago I received a surprise call from Women’s Health (India) magazine asking me to participate in an activity that would kick off the food section of their magazine. All I heard was bloggers, food challenge and Chef Kunal Kapur….

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Kashmiri Kahwah

Traditional Kashmiri Green Tea with Saffron & Almonds I think I was about 13 or 14 when I had Kahwah (also Qawah or Kehwah) for the first time. One of my mom’s closest friends is married into a joined family and, for the longest time, the 4 brothers along with their wives and children lived in one…

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Kulkuls: Sugar Glazed Deep Fried Dough Curls

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If you haven’t heard of kulkuls before this, and you speak Hindi, then I’m sure there are many kal-kal (yesterday-yesterday/ tomorrow-tomorrow), parson-parson (day-after, day-after) or aaj-aaj (today-today) jokes running through your head. I get it. I’ve thought them all before! But not before devouring a fistful…

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Lemon Garlic & Pepper Rice

My contribution to the Tupperware Care4Food Campaign I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 5 years calling AK a picky eater. If you follow this blog, then you’ve probably heard my rant more than a few times. Chicken, potato, starch, sugar, chocolate and deep fried are his keywords and nothing less will do!…

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