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Chilled Spinach & Cucumber Soup

Or how to use up not-crisp-enough-for-salad-veggies in the fridge! It’s definitely that time of the year again. It’s time for me to be predictable and moan about the Delhi heat. About constantly wanting to eat meals which are easy, quick and (preferably) chilled! I was told (more than) once by a friend that drinking iced coffee (or… 

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Glass Noodles Cover Image

Glass Noodle Rolls with Asparagus & Avocado

  Or cooking up a storm with Women’s Health and Chef Kunal Kapur A few weeks ago I received a surprise call from Women’s Health (India) magazine asking me to participate in an activity that would kick off the food section of their magazine. All I heard was bloggers, food challenge and Chef Kunal Kapur…. 

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Kashmiri Kahwah

Traditional Kashmiri Green Tea with Saffron & Almonds I think I was about 13 or 14 when I had Kahwah (also Qawah or Kehwah) for the first time. One of my mom’s closest friends is married into a joined family and, for the longest time, the 4 brothers along with their wives and children lived in one… 

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Rajon ki Baoli, Tomb & Enclosure. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Pack-a-Picnic | Insider’s guide to Picnic Spots to hit up in NCR

Make hay while the sun shines…or in Delhi’s case, while the winter sun shines! Instead of the usual Sunday Brunch plans, try a sumptuous picnic lunch under the winter sun while it lasts. If you thought Lodhi Garden and Nehru Park were your only picnic options in Delhi, think again! Our lovely city has a… 

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Kulkuls: Sugar Glazed Deep Fried Dough Curls

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If you haven’t heard of kulkuls before this, and you speak Hindi, then I’m sure there are many kal-kal (yesterday-yesterday/ tomorrow-tomorrow), parson-parson (day-after, day-after) or aaj-aaj (today-today) jokes running through your head. I get it. I’ve thought them all before! But not before devouring a fistful… 

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Lemon Garlic & Pepper Rice

My contribution to the Tupperware Care4Food Campaign I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 5 years calling AK a picky eater. If you follow this blog, then you’ve probably heard my rant more than a few times. Chicken, potato, starch, sugar, chocolate and deep fried are his keywords and nothing less will do!… 

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Indian Masala Chai

Or Indian Spiced Milk(y) Tea Chai is a way of life for most (North) Indians. Not time or occasion specific, it is the most humble beverage and yet has the capacity to be very ritualistic. It is enjoyed equally in most settings  – from an ornate sitting room to an office or even a local street… 

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6 Easy & Useful Baking Hacks

Baking hacks that have changed my life Baking is, by far, my favourite activity in, and around, the kitchen. I could bake a cake long before I could make dal or put together a simple salad. Having baked my first cake at age 9, my skill, technique, style and preferences have evolved over the years…. 

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Photo Courtesy: Krispy Kreme

Listing: Diwali Delights at Krispy Kreme

This Diwali: A nutty circle for every circle Krispy Kreme, the American doughnut chain, surprised us with a gift hamper of  Special Dry Fruit Diwali Doughnuts. A limited edition of 4 flavours developed for Diwali – available from 5th to 27th Diwali – they consist of Pistachios & Vanilla, Kashews & Kreme, Karamelised Walnut and Almond Double… 

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Maharashtrian Shengdana Chutney

Or Maharashtrian Peanut & Chilly-Garlic Chutney Powder Pune is a city that I consider my second home. Post independence, when my paternal grandparents moved from Ferozepur in Punjab, they set up camp in Pune. My grandfather set up a book and toy store called Ratanjee on MG Road, or Main Street as it is called. My… 

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Image Courtesy: Hyatt Regency Delhi

Arabesque Week at Cafe, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

Head to Café from 25 – 30 August for a taste of Arabesque flavours! Cafe, the all-day-dining restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Delhi, is celebrating Arabesque flavours this week and they invited us to be one of the first few to try it and share our thoughts. Chef Ali Alhaj (Chef de Cuisine, Park Hyatt Dubai) has… 

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Food-Dee-Dum-Garam Masala-Recipe-8

Homemade Garam Masala Powder

Or a Punjabi’s favourite Indian Spice Mix Garam = Hot/ Heat and Masala = Spice Mix This is as close to a definition or translation that I can manage. The garam here refers to the intensity and not the capsaicin content – in fact it generally contains little or no chillies. It is not fiery and… 

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Soju 101 with Jinro India

Soju Bomb-ing India: Jinro Soju 24 now available in Delhi. I recently had an opportunity to try out Jinro Soju 24. When I got the call from Jinro, I was a bit apprehensive because I hadn’t tried Soju before. To be honest, I am not very familar with Korean cuisine and even less so with Korean liquor! The apprehension… 

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Corn(y) Cheese Straws

An entry to the IFBM and Freedom Tree Baking Contest If you follow this blog, you’ve probably realised that I have been in a mad rush to complete my contest entries for all the IFBM contests that are being held by the various sponsors. (You can see the previous 2 entries here and here). It’s actually… 

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Amrood Chaat Cocktail

Or a Spicy Indian Guavarita, if you please! If you were to offer me a drink, it’s most likely that I will opt for beer. Usually because it’s the easiest choice. Almost everyone stocks it for a party or dinner and I love it. But the other reason I would do that is because I’m playing it… 

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Sponge Flan with Caramelised Plums

Or my entry for the KitchenAid contest as part of the IFBM 2014. I have this distinct memory of evening tea at the home of my mom’s friend, who made this delicious summery dessert that she called a flan. It was a sponge cake with a hollow basin which she had filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit…. 

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Image courtesy: FreeImages

Top 20 Foodie Myths

Quintessential Foodie: Myth or Reality? Casual social conversation makes me nervous. Or at least it used to. The age old conversation topics of politics, weather and current affairs have always daunted me – not because I am a poor conversationalist, but more because these subjects don’t hold more than a perfunctory interest for me. Fortunately… 

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Mulaka Pachadi: Sweet & Sour Chilly Pickle

Or my current obsession with my Kerala Cookbook! Did I mention that I got my hands on an old Kerala Cookbook recently? It’s an old school one, called the Malabar Cookbook presented by Mathrubhumi and Grihalakshmi – I think it was a special edition for a spice festival. AK’s grand uncle was responsible for compiling and… 

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Easy Breezy Lemon Bars

Birthdays are special. At least I think so. Not just in an “another-year-older-and-wiser” way. Or in a “reflection-on-the-past-and-resolutions-for-the-future” way. I mean those are all lovely traditions and everyone should get what they want on their birthday. For me, it’s about the celebration. Planning a special day for a loved one is one of my favourite gifts…. 

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Product Review: Vegit Ready-to-Cook Snack Mixes

Rating: Taste: 3/5 Convenience: 4.5/5 Price: 4/5 To Veg or not to Veg. Or how to crack lame food jokes. Jokes apart, a few weeks ago, I received a sample packet each of 4 of the Vegit Ready-to-Cook Snacks – Hara Bhara Kabab, Vegetable Shammi Kabab, Cheese Balls and Vegetable Cutlets. Sadly, a combination of travel, work and… 

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